Sunday, August 11, 2013

My make-up brushes

Hey everyone,
About a year ago I bought my first make-up brushes and, since I was pretty clueless on what to buy, I decided to get a set so that I would have a good base to figure out what I really need before I go for the full size ones later. Buying it as a set also meant that I didn't need to spend that much money since the price per brush is less. I ended up getting the Les Minis de Chanel.

Les Minis de Chanel bag

This set contains the following:

Les Minis de Chanel bag open
  • Angled powder brush
  • Foundation and concealer brush
  • Lash and eyebrow brush
  • Angled eyeshadow brush
  • Smudge brush
  • Angled lipbrush

Les Minis de Chanel brushes

Out of the brushes I use the angled powder brush and the lash and eyebrow brush the most. The powder brush I use with my powder blush to create a natural pinkish glow on my face. The lash and eyebrow brush I use to make my eyebrows look neater and to comb my eyelashes right before I curl them. I have no idea if combing them makes a difference, but I do it anyway. The rest I haven't used that often yet, but they work great. No streaks with the foundation brush!

Angled powder brush

The brushes are of good quality, dense and soft, except for the foundation brush which is firmer. The brushes are a mixture between real (sable) and synthetic hair (the foundation brush). The handles are quite short, but not too short that its uncomfortable to hold.

Chanel brush handles

The little bag that the brushes come in has a pocket where I put my highlighter inside, which is kind of weird because I just use the included applicator for that product. The set has some nice Chanel details such as the brand name being on the handles and the bag has the double C on the zipper.

Les Minis de Chanel zipper

I really love this product and if you are planning on buying your first make-up brushes or in need of a brush travel set then the Les Minis de Chanel are the ones to buy.

Thanks for reading,

xoxo Dutch Gurl

P.S. I am currently hunting for a good quality kabuki brush. Any recommendations?

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