Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chanel Précision Soleil Identité

Hey everyone,

Since it is summertime I thought that I would try a self tanner for the first time. I originally wanted one for the face and body, but I ended up with one just for the face. Since Chanel is the only brand till now that has not given me any breakouts I naturally went for the Chanel self tanner for the face, the Chanel Soleil Identité from the Précision line.

Before I applied it I exfoliated my face and put on moisturizer. When using it I realized that it was colorless on my skin, which I didn't like because then I couldn't see where I have or havent applied it. I love the smell: Cookie Dough!!!! Eitherways, the product absorbed really quickly and I went to sleep. 
When I looked into the mirror the next morning I was shocked because my face looked way darker than the rest of my body. Thankfully, after I took a shower and cleansed my face, it looked great. The final result was a streak free, even, more tan face which wasn't unnatural looking at all. I really love it and since then I have been using it every three days to keep the color from fading. You could also use it daily until the desired color is met.

Since you won't use it daily (unless you want to achieve a darker tan) the tube would last for at least the whole summer. So it is money well spent and I will definately repurchase once it runs out!

xoxo Dutch Gurl


  1. Thanks for the recomendation, I don't know it!