Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Iris. This blog is my hobby and I try my best to find time for it in my busy schedule.

About this blog

This blog is primarily beauty and make-up related, with occasional posts about other topics. This blog is relatively new with its first post in 2012. I hope that over time this blog will grow and inspire many people around the world.

About me

Like I said earlier, my name is Iris. I live in The Netherlands, but my blog is in English. Wonder why? Well this is my story, due to my father's job I have moved around a lot. This classifies me as a "Third Culture Kid". What does this mean? I am someone who grew up in different countries. My story: I was born in Rotterdam and I lived in a town nearby for four years. After that I moved to Lowestoft, England, where I also stayed for four years. Then I moved to Houston, Texas. This is where I have stayed the longest, six years, Houston rules! After I completed middle school, I moved to Bangalore, India. This is where I completed high school. Then I moved back to The Netherlands and started studying Animal Sciences in Wageningen University. This course wasn't what I expected so I switched to another university and am currently studying Architecture, Building, and Planning. My 14 years abroad in mostly English speaking countries made me more fluent in English and that is why this blog is in English.

I hope you enjoy my blog!