Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gucci Haul

Hey everyone,
Recently I ordered two products from the Gucci site: an iPad sleeve that was on sale and the web-exclusive Joy Boston bag in antique rose. As always, the arrived within a few days. Love the delivery time!
The reason why I chose these products was because I thought that the smart cover for my iPad 4 wasn't sufficient as the only protection as the back could just scratch and because the material of both these products are easily cleaned and are more water resistant than the other materials.
I love both these products; high quality, stylish, and long lasting.
Now I will look out for a nice keychain or something similar to attach to the D ring on the side. I was thinking  maybe something silver and shiny or some kind of tassle that compliments the color and bag.

Here is a picture of the iPad sleeve.

Isn't it super cute? I read some complaints online because some people thought that the fact that it closes with velcro was tacky, but I don't think so. If it were to close with magnets or something else, the iPad may get damaged because 1. magnets and electronics don't get along 2. metal components are hard and may scratch the iPad.

And finally, the Boston bag.

This is the side with the D ring. I really like this bag and I think I will use it often as it is HUGE. Everything I need and more easily fits inside, it's perfect.

xoxo Dutch Gurl

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