Thursday, February 27, 2014

Opening Douglas Store in Eindhoven

Hey everyone!

Last week a new Douglas store opened its doors in Eindhoven. For those of you who don't know what Douglas is, its a store that sells makeup and skincare products in some European countries, including The Netherlands and Germany.

Douglas Demer Eindhoven

Click on the link to read about my experience!

I got an invitation in the mail to attend this opening at 10 am on the 19th of February. I thought that there would be a huge line and that I would have to be there super early because who hasn't read the news stories on Apple store openings and people camping outside all night. Of course the situation would not be that bad so I thought that if I came two hours early that I would be one of the first there. Boy did I overestimate the line. I arrived at 8:10 in the morning and most of the staff wasn't even there. They were still removing the stickers that covered the windows.

First one here!

So there I was thinking that I made a huge mistake and it was super cold outside so that didn't make it any better. But around ten minutes later a sweet lady came outside to offer me tea. I happily accepted, but to my surprise they actually let me come inside. This would make me the very first customer in that store and this was one and a half hours before the opening. They were super suprised that someone came that early to the opening (they probably thought I was crazy haha).

Douglas winkel
First and only customer!

As the very first and only customer in the store I could look at the collection to my hearts desire. It was make up lovers heaven. Untouched testers, everything was clean, everything was fully stocked. It was beautiful.

Dior makeup Trianon
Untouched, so pretty!

Dior testers

What was unique to this particular store in Eindhoven was that it has a Mac cosmetics counter, who's products were still packed in plastic when I came in, a Benefit counter, Bobbi Brown counter, and brands such as Origins and Smashbox.

Mac bullets
Mac bullets

Mac blush stand
So many colors

Mac Counter
Everything still packed

Benefit Counter

Benefit makeup

The first 100 customers got a free goodiebag!

store counter

Here are some pictures of the store. It was a large store, the biggest in Eindhoven.

Douglas skin care

Anny nail polish

skin care

Bobbi Brown

Chanel Makeup

Parfumerie Douglas


Dior Chanel Estee Lauder Lancome

Towards opening time the staff was getting ready for the mob that was growing outside.

YSL makeup Cara
Fully stocked and ready to go!

OPI nail polish

And the store is officially open!

I ended up buying an on the go hydration product. Review will come soon! With it I got a goodiebag, which had some samples and a full size coconut scented shower gel. My fav!

Douglas tas

Douglas Demer Eindhoven

I would like to thank the staff for letting me in early so that I would not need to stay out in the cold for such a long time. So sweet of you guys!

And if anyone is in the Eindhoven area, you have to go to this store! Its so big and has many different brands. Its located on the Demer 34-36 in the city center!

Thank you everyone for reading! 
Which products would you have bought?

xoxo Dutch Gurl

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