Thursday, December 5, 2013

Avène Eau Thermale Set Review

Hey everyone!

Avène Eau Thermale set

In my November GLOSSYBOX I got this set and now I will review the products included. Click the link to read my thoughts!

My first impression is that the packaging is really nice. Its nice and simple, does not use too many different colors (which can look tacky), the materials are of good quality, and it comes in a cute pouch. Great for travel!

As you can see, there are three products included: the Gentle Toner, Gentle Milk Cleanser, and the Rich Compensating Cream.

Lotion Douceur

This is an alcohol and oil free toner. It should be applied on a cotton pad to clean and freshen up your skin. There is a trace of perfume in this product, giving it a soapy scent. It works very well and have a very high percentage of the Avène Thermal spring water making it great for sensitive skin!

This product separates over time so shaking before use is a must!

The product works great; my skin does not feel too tight and it does not dry it out either.

Gentle Milk Cleanser

This cleanser was made for people with dry to very dry skin types.

It cleans mildly and my skin does not feel too tight after I have used this.

Avène claims that this cleanser would remove all makeup and clean your face, but I remove my makeup before using this product. This is just a habit that I have acquired over the years.

Rich Compensating Cream

This is the third and final product of the set. The product isn't too thick, which I like because my skin is not very dry. It also gets absorbed quickly and does not make my skin sticky, which I love!

I like to use a little more at night so that my skin can replenish well over night. In the morning my skin is smooth and supple. When applied in the morning my skin is hydrated and flake free all day and you only need to use a small amount.

When these three products are combined, it becomes an almost complete skincare set (minus eye cream and serum). It cleans and moisturizes your skin wonderfully.
Out of the set the Rich Compensating Cream is definitely my favorite product and I will enjoy using it until I run out! I recommend it for everyone with dry (not very dry) skin.

Will you guys buy one of these products?

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xoxo Dutch Gurl

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