Friday, November 29, 2013

Anatomicals The Showering Inferno Review

Hey everyone!

Today I will review the shower gel that I got in this months Glossybox.

Anatomicals The Showering Inferno

Today I will review the Anatomicals The Showering Inferno shower gel. Click on the link to read my thoughts.

The packaging is a red orange tube with a yellow cap. On the front there is just the name of the product and the amount of product inside. The backside has a description of the product. The colors and backside makes me think of firemen, which suits the name of the product.

When you open the cap you are immediately engulfed with a scent of Haribo's Coke Bottles. Yummy! You would expect the product to be brown in color, but it actually has a light pink color.

What I don't like is that the product contains SLS, which is an aggressive cleanser.

The product does not foam much, but it works well and smells nice. I might purchase one when this one runs out.

What are your thoughts on this product?

xoxo Dutch Gurl

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