Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chanel no. 2 angled powder brush review

Hey everyone,

Chanel no. 2 Angled Powder Brush

I finally got the Chanel no. 2 makeup brush! It's the angled powder brush, which I primarily use for the new Guerlain bronzer that I got. This bronzer I will review in a different article, which will probably be published later this week. Click on the link to see the full article.

This brush is the first full size brush that I have. Till now I have been using the Chanel mini's set, which also has an angled powder brush, but I use this one for applying blush.

Chanel no. 2 Angled Powder Brush packaging

The packaging is really nice. It comes in the black and gold box, with a useful picture on the back of what the brush looks like.
It is in a black velvet pouch, which is really useful for travelling.

Chanel no. 2 Angled Powder Brush velvet pouch

The brush itself is really nice, it is soft but dense so that the product applies very well. So far I have not had any streaks or blotches. :) It is also made of 100% natural hair. The angled/ flat shape is perfect for contouring as it fits perfectly in the hollow of my cheeks.

Chanel no. 2 Angled Powder Brush

This brush is best used for layering as it does not hold a lot of product in one go. This I see as an advantage because the product would not look cakey on the face.

Chanel no. 2 Angled Powder Brush

Unlike the old Chanel brushes, the wooden  handle is matte black, with embossed silver lettering. This gives it a nice sofisticated look. It also has the #2 on it, which the older ones also didn't have. This makes it much easier to identitfy the brushes.

Chanel no. 2 Angled Powder Brush

What I don't like is that it sheds. This may be because I just got the brush and some of the hairs weren't properly attached or something. I hope it stops shedding soon!
Update: It stopped shedding! :D

I got mine for 51 euros on debijenkorf.nl (Netherlands). Other countries should check out chanel.com.

xoxo Dutch Gurl


  1. Strange that it sheds so much... That should not happen with a high-end brush like this, really...

    1. yea i know!! But I think its hair that was never attached properly, because the first day it was like 3 hairs. Today nothing came out. The first two uses only had shedding. I'm like almost sure it won't shed anymore. :)
      thanks for the comment!!